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Anti gravity lithium batteries

Antigravity YTZ10S-12

The Antigravity YTZ10S-12 is the Hi-Power Direct Replacement for the Lead/Acid version of the YTZ10S/YTZ12S/YTZ14S/YTX9. Our Hi-Power Lithium version produces much more power than the Lead/Acid version offering much better motor turn-over and starting, yet is significantly lighter. This battery size is used in many Sportbikes.

360 CCA
12 Amp Hours (PbEq)
6.0″ Long x 3.5″ Wide x 3.75″ Tall
2.5 lbs
Direct OEM Replacement for YTZ10/YTZ12/YTZ14/YTX9
For motors up to 1300cc

i have these batteries in all of my motorcycles and there is nothing even close. I had a shorai for a short time but it lost all of cold weather cranking ability unless i kept it on a tender daily. I also a have a big dog custom chopper with a 117" motor and a HID headlight. This combination has proved too much for any other battery that i have tried until I was pointed in the direction of the Antigravity line. They have a ton of power, great warranty and they are light.
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