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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Yes, it is my opinion that this battery is not water proof. Lil' Irv has presented some compelling information to support the theory that the Shorai does not have a sealed case. Tell you what Griz - I'll give Shorai a call this week to get the facts straight from the manufacturer and post back findings. Let's keep this thread on track please.
I've read the thread that Lil' Irv has linked to. In that thread I see a lot of posts about cranking power and voltage measurements over time, using highly expensive and intricate tools, but NO proof about Shorai batteries being susceptible to water penetration.

Tell YOU what: I'm not here to do your work for you. I'm here to point out that your opinion is not fact.... and to keep this forum as factual as possible for the masses. If you want to present factual evidence that Shorais are not waterproof by calling them and reporting your findings here, so be it.... and I am open to it....until then.....
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