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Interesting report .... Zero is headquartered one town away from me, and I often see their test riders on local twisties. They can scoot! A few observations:
- Sure, some parts are made in China? So is your iPhone and a lot of parts in GM cars. But the Zeros is assembled in the US and is providing jobs in my county.
- Range and charge times ... a lot of ICE dual sports have less than 100 mile ranges (though I agree it's easier to install an IMS or Acerbis tank than an extra battery). I think the real breakthrough will be replaceable batteries, like swapping out propane tanks for your barbeque. Think about it ... every time we get gasoline we transfer several pounds (more than several for a car or a BMW GSA) of a hazardous substance, that contains a lot of potential energy, into our vehicles in a few minutes. All thanks to a developed and standardized infrastructure. There's no technical reason we couldn't have the same for EV batteries. With that in place, and a few years' battery and regen development to get a 125-200 mile range, and EV's will be far more practical.

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