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Your wish is their command.

Really impressive tire management by Lotus and Kimi. If they can manage one fewer pit stop per race this season, the title should be theirs pretty comfortably. Outstanding result for Lotus.

Looks like Ferrari are back. 2nd and 4th and ahead of Red Bull. Compare this result to last year's car and the difference is pronounced. They've caught up. They must be pleased.

Red Bull proves it's a front-running car, for me. Sutil's long first stint slowed Vettel and a poor second pit stop cost Vettel a place to Alonso. After that, the Red Bull's lack of top end pace meant that even DRS couldn't help him make a pass in the overtaking zones.

Really enjoyed seeing Sutil run at the front for so long. He was always a pit stop short of winning but good to see him come back with style.

After all our moaning about Hamilton taking a step back, the Mercedes seems to be a better can than the McLaren. I wonder how McLaren so badly bungled an incremental change to last year's car? Still, it's just one race, shouldn't make too big of a deal out of it, right?

The commentating team talked a blue streak and yet missed vital points. Disappointing. They completely missed that Vettel's second pit stop was slow and was to blame for him losing a place to both Alonso and Sutil. And on the last stint they spent ages speculating about how Sutil might win and never mentioned the obvious -- Kimi had a one pit stop advantage over everyone and was obviously going to win.

A really enjoyable season opener!
Was watching the race, (almost live) and kept trying to figure out what Vettel's issue was. Almost no mention of him. Plus until the very end, couldn't figure out Kimi's (two stop) advantage.

Piss poor commentating by the NBC guys.

PS-- fun race, glad F1 is back.
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