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The Tunnel

So like I said, this tunnel thing has gotten the better of me. So I decided to make another attempt out there and find the West end of the tunnel this time.
Just a side note. GPS is a great tool. But it's like any other computer,,, garbage in garbage out. If you don't have good coordinates to put into it. It's not going to get you there.
So my starting point is about the same place as going to the east end of the tunnel. Only this time a buddy of mine decided to drive out and hike with me. I don't think he knew what he was getting into.

And just like last time it started out the same way. GPS said turn. So we did and after slipping and sliding again on my butt. Through the bushes and lots of thorns (Blood was involved). After several hundred yards he excitedly yelled “get over here I think I found it”. So I hurriedly got over to where he had been standing. And found myself standing on the adage of a small cliff overlooking,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I look around. And I find him, he's already made it to the bottom can you find him all the way down there……….

So I jumped in the creek and headed down to catch-up with him.

Except just around the corner gravity took over so I had to find her way around that obstacle.

I finally caught up…..
So this time I have someone to give a little bit of reference on just how big this hole in the ground is……

He wouldn't go in side so I decided to go in a ways.

And from this point I could actually see a small opening that went through to the other end.
So I specifically brought a better flashlight this time. The only problem is I,,,,,I left it at the bike,,,,,,,,,, all the way back up the road. So once again, I think I'll have to come back and considered going all the way through the tunnel.
So I'm snapping a few more pictures and Al yells,,,, never guess what I just found!!!!

So I'm sure some of you out there have been in a situation where you were working and sweat and struggling to work to climb a hill on your bike. And you get allllllll the way to the top,,,,,,,,,,, just to find a really nice easy road.

yeah you guessed it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

so, I guess it's going to be one more installment to this adventure.

"Get out and explore"
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