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So Nytro and I made the ride this morning. Dispite waiting a half-hour for the others to show up at the SPD parking lot, we decided to head out on our own. Got to Allegheny in time for lunch, but apparently we were still an hour and half ahead of the corned beef special. Nothing but dancing shamrocks... or something like that.

No worries, we headed back over Foote's Crossing and then up to North Bloomfield before heading over to Washington. There we finally stopped for lunch, but their corned beef special wasn't going to start for another couple of hours. Damn.

Finally we headed up Alpha Road to Highway 20, and then came down Chalk Bluff (ran into StevefrmGV) and hit the Deer Creek Forebay Road before returning back to Nevada City. I think it was about an 85 mile loop (from and to Nevada City).

It was a fun ride. Apparently, everyone else knew where the corned beef was hiding.
Well,,, I was ready to role at 7am... Apparently,,, my ride woke up when I called him at 7am, but told me he was on his way at that time,,,lol,,,and didnt show up till 830... then off to breakfast... we got to spd at 1030 and rolled out at 11. Ran up the snow line off backbone, played around that area a bit and rolled into Alleghany at 1pm for the Best Corn Beef and Awesome fixings... We were so full that we took it easy on the way back... yeah right...
Anywho,,, next time we plan to ride we should exchange numbers so we can call when shit happens as it does...
All the Best,,,
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