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The Tunnel (continued)

So in keeping with the theme here of tunnels, I went out riding today in search of,,,, another tunnel. Fortunately I didn't have to go thrashing through the forest, slipsliding down embankments and slopping through the mud. I took the easy way. I drove to the train tracks and hiked in.
(Not very far)

Once on the tracks they were,, shall we say,,, A little overgrown. After walking for about three quarters of a mile.

I glanced down the tracks to see the proverbial…… ‘black hole”.

Well as you can see this is definitely a much bigger hole in the ground than the last tunnel. This one seems to be in considerably better shape. But then again they, only stop using this back in 2007.

This is only one in a series of about seven tunnels on this one line. Will I get all of them? Well probably not this year. This is the easy one. Most of the rest are going to take quite a bit of hiking and bushwhacking.

Oh also in keeping with the theme of tunnels,,, I guess I'm also staying with the theme of no flashlight. I left it back at the bike. Fortunately this tunnel short enough I could see the other end.
Inside the tunnel walls were in great shape. For the most part you could see all of the beams.

There were some areas that it looked as though they had blown concrete on everything and one point in the middle some rather large chunks had fallen from the ceiling.

Getting closer to the other and they had used a lot of concrete.

Couple the shots looks like something out of Disneyland.

So once through to the other hand I went back through the tunnel to my bike I did just a little bit of exploring in the area on my quick ride home.

Hope you enjoyed it I had a blast.

"Get out and explore"
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