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Originally Posted by Gustavo.Ramos View Post
got fuel, or the right fuel!?

Don't want to misslead you, i've ne ver had a problem with 990 Fuel pump, only the usual 950 FP of previous bike, but from your description *could* be a bad pump.

Maybe someone else might add some insights?
My filter blocked on way to a ferry, bike would only run for couple of mins then die, speed limited and power dies with throttle open. It then collapsed and filled the injectors with crap. Source of problem: previous owners bad hygene!

KTM say change filters every 10000km or something so if you haven't then its a good starting point. Easy to check if you take it out and have a look.

Don't want to sound unhelpful but its posting a bit off topic though, not much to do with ecu tunes? Is anyone moderating this thread could keep these posts in the right places? Happy to help but they should realy be elsewhere I think.
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