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2012-12-18 Styx-Mueller Continued

Then it was across Mueller Rd at around 124km on the route and up a track towards Mt Mueller, the road doesn't go too far and ended among some huge trees, no wonder they put a new road in here!:

The Tenere looks like a toy!

Then it was back around to Mueller Rd and back towards the Styx, I explored a couple of spurs along the way... Some screenshots from around 140km on the route:

As much as I love these awesome forestry roads, I can see why the greenies (tree huggers) are kicking up such a stink about this area being logged: (without forestry we would never see these areas though, no roads)

Turned into another road that goes into the Maynes Hill forests on the eastern side of Mt Mueller:(at 145km on the route)

It seems they definitely don't want people coming in here! ... Not to be outdone I headed around the other side of the forest and found a way in off Styx Rd

BTW, a new toy to help with track exploring, a cheap 7.7" Toshiba Android tablet, very handy for checking aerial pics and maps, a lot easier than doing it on a phone:

I ended up doing about 40km around Maynes Hill, (151km to 192km on the route)... Interesting place...

I went up one spur that wound it's way up a hill through a tall forest, at the top I came across this: (167km on the route)

It said "Moratorium Now".... I didn't think too much of it, figured the greenies must have protested here at some stage.... Funny though, I had the feeling I was being watched.... The weather was crappy so I didn't hang around...

When I got home I did a search to find out what the rock sign was about, turns out I was basically at the foot of the tree where a girl had been tree-sitting 70m up a tree for the last year and a bit, her tree is about 50m up the hill from where I was..... No wonder I felt like I was being watched

Scroll down to the bit about the Observer tree:

It seems she had to come down 10 days ago (after 15 months up the tree) due to a fire near by:

Seems it was arson, an unhappy logger I guess, lol

A 2 min vid heading up to the rock sign and checking it out:

I continued on and made my way to the back side of the blocked road:

No surprise this road was blocked with the protesters busy around here...

Stopped at a cool serpentine quarry:

Almost looks like bubbles of lava:



Then I headed back to Styx road to start making my way home....

To be continued... .. .

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