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Thanks for all the responses guys! Sorry about the delays here, been busy. I'll check out the stuff on the DigiKey site and see what I come up with.

As for the trans lines, ya, I could put a tee fitting in the output, I have installed one already in the return line (wanted to see temps coming off the aftermarket cooler so I could make sure it was working near as well as the stock one)
I just really wanted something to measure pan temps. The output would be close but will actually be hotter than the pan.

As thanks for the thenewX tip, I am actually over there as well, my username is Killswitch on that site too. There is a 6 or 7 page thread that I started on there but no one has done this. I keep running into road blocks on it. I'm actually thinking that the earlier suggestion of something fastened to the outside of the pan and then insulated might be a pretty good deal.
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