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Fellow Canuckleheads,

Just for clarification, for those that may be wondering........ the current PDM60 Power Distribution Module from Rowe Electronics IS the latest model. What is happening you ask? Well, the PDM60 is, has, and will be getting a firmware upgrade that will allow the end-user..... you.... to update, reprogram it in the future when Rowe releases the special USB cable. This cable can be purchased in the future as an accessory for those that may want the ability to change their circuit characteristics.....

So should I wait to purchase you ask? Nope........ because all our current stock have been updated to the latest firmware anyways....... so you're good to go for when the cable and consumer Dashboard program gets released.

Now ya know!

Any questions....... just fire away! And of course your PDM60 gets Free Shipping to any Canuck Inmate..... just gotta ax for the discount code.

Cheers Lads and Lasses!
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