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Originally Posted by ST4s View Post
From Shorai "the battery is not waterproof". I asked this because of the low battery mounting position and vulnerability to being submerged. The little special charge/balance port is susceptible to water intrusion. Shorai suggested I seal the port with silicon grease around the charge cable. Not exactly confidence inspiring. As to cold weather starting if 48F is cold then we have other problems. The thing would not crank in the AM @ 48F just did the reboot thing numerous times. Again that same day after work 50+F failed to crank on the first try. This is the third battery from Shorai and I am on the third charger. From Shorai "we have had some chip problems with our chargers", but they were giving me a good faith replacement battery even though their charger damaged the battery!! To holding a charge for a long time that may be so but not in any bike with a parasitic draw. Take for instance a clock. My bike has 0.008A draw with the alarm activated, 0.006 with just the clock, and that will kill the battery within several weeks.

I am happy for all who have not had starting or water immersion problems with the Shorai battery but for my money the technology is not ready for prime time.

More actual evidence here. Thanks!If that's true and Shorai actually said the above then it seems Shorai is confirming that the only possible point of entry for water would be the inside of the charging port. Not around the charging port, rather inside the charging port where the pins are. If this is the only point of possible intrusion then that's fine with me! This falls in line with what you are seeing in the picture above: rubber charging port plug in = no water intrusion. And if you're really worried about water intrusion, do what Shorai recommends as a safety measure: silicone grease in the charging port.... and keep the rubber charging plug cap in. When you need to charge it's two screws to drop the skidplate. No biggy. Point being, I wouldn't consider the Shorai 'not ready for prime time' or 'unworthy' because of this. I tend to go with experience and the facts: 1) I've used Shorais in my dirt bikes in mud, rain, water, sand, dirt, dust, vibration, etc with no issues whatsoever. I've never had a charging problem or a cranking power problem either. 2) If you're worried about water intrusion, throw a dab of silicone grease in the charging plug/port and then insert the rubber charging plug cap = watertight. The pic above says it all. Thanks again to those who have offered up some real evidence.
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