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Originally Posted by ADVCoop View Post
This is the picture i meant to post. You can see at the end of the grip how stretched it is. I think this bike has a really fat throttle tube LOL.

Most likely, "someone" placed the left grip on the right grip side, they have different inside diameter on grips for motorcycles. I have done this on purpose ONE time, when I didnt have a right side grip, but needed to go right now.

I am very sensitive on thickness of grips, I cannot run the thick ones, my arms pump too fast, I get charlie horses. when you have the grips on correctly, they should be same sizes, I can't for the life of me guess what else it can be, the throttle tubes should all be the same, I guess you can't tell or prove it without a donor or a spare tube to test the theory.

I personally haven't used the Renthals grips, my dad likes them, got to have the ones with little to none of the "thumb flange" or whatever it is called... I got these new, fat, super soft "pro-grips," that I cannot get to stop twisting on the left grip, the glue on throttle grip stuck nicely, but the left grip, even with triple safety-wiring, it still rotates on the bars... I'm more than half pissed we cannot get Hebo grips anymore? Least my supplier tells me so.
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