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Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
More actual evidence here. Thanks!If that's true and Shorai actually said the above then it seems Shorai is confirming that the only possible point of entry for water would be the inside of the charging port. Not around the charging port, rather inside the charging port where the pins are. If this is the only point of possible intrusion then that's fine with me! This falls in line with what you are seeing in the picture above: rubber charging port plug in = no water intrusion. And if you're really worried about water intrusion, do what Shorai recommends as a safety measure: silicone grease in the charging port.... and keep the rubber charging plug cap in. When you need to charge it's two screws to drop the skidplate. No biggy. Point being, I wouldn't consider the Shorai 'not ready for prime time' or 'unworthy' because of this. I tend to go with experience and the facts: 1) I've used Shorais in my dirt bikes in mud, rain, water, sand, dirt, dust, vibration, etc with no issues whatsoever. I've never had a charging problem or a cranking power problem either. 2) If you're worried about water intrusion, throw a dab of silicone grease in the charging plug/port and then insert the rubber charging plug cap = watertight. The pic above says it all. Thanks again to those who have offered up some real evidence.

Dude,,,, your nitpicing. "Not waterproof" means just that, not waterproof. Doesn't matter at that point how the water gets in,,,, it gets in. A dab of silicone grease also doesn't magically make the battery's just sealed up the known leak. I'm betting that there is no gasketing where the terminals go through the case either. Just because they are molded in doesn't make them waterproof. For something to be waterproof it need to be tested and rated as such. There is nothing on the Shorai website that tells what the ratings are.

Just because YOU haven't had any issues with water doesn't make it a non issue. Do a little research around the net and you will see plenty of failures after a battery has been submerged. I have an 04 950 Adventure with close to 40k on the odometerand havent' had a lot of the issues that other people have had had,,,, fuel pump failure, starter clutch, clutch slave, water pumpto name a few. So does that mean all the people that have had issues are spreading false rumours????

Wake up and smell the roses hunney! The OP just asked a question that challenged your spending money on a Shorai.

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