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Originally Posted by mike54 View Post
I remember seeing stars when I was 12, even with the head gear and huge gloves.

I know what you mean. I think GSP fights to win. I've seen a lot of fights where one fighter seems to be ahead and comes charging in only to be knocked out by a 'lucky' shot. I didn't see this fight so I don't know how it went except by the highlights and reports. I really expected GSP to take Diaz to the ground and submit him because he's so good at that. I really didn't expect it to go 5 rounds. Maybe GSP decided the fans don't get their money's worh with early submissions?
A punch to the head will definitely have you seeing stars, but it doesn't really hurt. Well, broken noses hurt, but after the fourth or fifth broken nose it's not so bad. With a headshot, your thoughts just feel fuzzy and slow and you feel light.

I was only knocked out once, and never hit the canvas... I just went blind for about three or four seconds and the referee realized what had happened and stepped in and saved me. I was still standing, but I was definitely out. The next punch would have definitely put my lights out completely.

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