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Continuing along the road to Batalla

It's a really nice ride along the beach

Here we had a traffic jam because one of the trucks got a flat tire. A fellow gringo named Kevin jumped out of one of the trucks and came over to say hi (and snap this pic). Kevin is retired and is one of very few gringos who live full time in la moskitia. He travels 200 miles each way by 4x4 and boat once per month to buy groceries. This was his once monthly trip. He said he had a boat in batalla and offered to give me a ride and invited me to stay with his family in Belen. Sounded good to me!

Man the water was really flowing out of this river. The trick was to ride out into the waves a bit and then back toward shore. I stopped to watch the trucks in front of me do it first.

All along this awesome road I kept passing through these little garifuna villages with great scenes of families cooking outdoors or doing laundry or whatever, but wasn't totally comfortable breaking out the camera.

The boat area in batalla. This is where I heard my first totally random blast of automatic gunfire in the background, something which I would hear several times a day (and night) for the next few days.

Got the bike loaded into kevin's boat.

Headed to belen

We had to go slow due to the extra weight of the bike and this resulted in us driving for about 3 hours after dark. It was a beautiful night. The boat kept getting stuck in the mud and we would have to push/pull the boat through. At one point we hammered into an underwater tree and almost lost everything into the river. Making the whole experience even more trippy, every now and then a (presumably drug running) boat with no lights would blast by us at full speed unannounced.

Here you can see the moon over the bike, kinda cool.

Eventually we made it to Kevin's place in belen, met the family, and had some dinner. Really amazing folks.
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