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Early morning drive to the high desert, Jan and I were in high spirits, but Danny wasn't quite so sure why we had left our nice warm house.

Are we there yet?

Obligatory windmill pic, note ice and snow on road, it was cold!!!

Base camp;

Luke and Doc Sprocket trying to stay warm;

Don "It's an electric start, so quit whining";

My new official OMRA number is now 98Y (AHRMA # is T98);

OSR Team ready for action (Doc Sprocket aka Alex, me and Luke);

Riders meeting;

Starting line, lined up according to speed, I'm in the back row with old men, women and children;

Our row went last, turns out the 450 likes to wheelie;

At this point the battery in the camera went dead.

My pre-race plan was divided into 3 30 minute segments (50 and older rode 1.5 hours, the younger riders rode 2.5 hours). First 30 minutes learn bike and course & don't fall down, second 30 minutes, try to gain a little speed & don't fall down, last 30 minutes don't fall down.

A few minutes into the race, we hit a very tight gate that went uphill to the right and I killed the motor. Doh! Even with the magic button it took a minute to get going and back into a groove. Settled into a rhythm and caught a few of the slower riders, then hooked up with a young beginner on a KTM going my speed, at one point as we were exiting the flat track portion of the course, he had his bike in a full lock slide and I was holding my breath waiting for the high side but somehow he saved it. We hung together for about a lap and a half until he missed a gate. Was alone for a long while and then the first two A riders came up to lap me, I made the mistake of trying to keep up and came down front wheel first on a down hill jump, hit my chest protector on the handlebars and was very lucky not to crash. Whew! I then went into the I must not fall mode and tried to settle back down, then along came another group of four A riders, and I thought "I'll just find a wide spot and get out of their way". I spotted what looked like a good place to move over and pulled to the side of the trail, but it was off camber and when I stuck my right foot out couldn't touch the ground and over I went. Jumped up, picked up the bike and tried to restart but the brush buster was jammmed into the throttle and it would not turn, had to coast down the hill till I found a large enough rock to hit the brush buster and get it off the throttle. restarted and off I went with no further problems.

After my 1.5 hours, I got off the bike and Don and I loaded up, then Jan and I headed over to wait for Luke and Alex. Well here came Alex, but no Luke. We were a little worried and just as they were closing down the finish gate we spotted Luke coasting down the hill. As it turns out he had a flat rear tire and was out of gas. Oh well, as long as he was in one piece no harm done.

It was a really fun day, had a great time and can't wait to head out for Odessa in a few weeks. Yeehaw!
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