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Originally Posted by TIGERRIDER007 View Post
I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out, is it cost effective to trade, when it's going to expensive to find a 21" front wheel, then brake set-up....

I would do it, if I could find a set of wheels just for dirt that I know would fit the 625 smc, that weren't outrageously expensive.
the problem 'yer gonna find messin' w/KTM's is that there's a metric buttload of different parts... i'm doin' it right now trying to get a different set of triple clamps.... KTM changes/modifies part #'s like you change 'yer underwear.... and many of the parts are the same, but not quite!.... and the SMR forks are a little bit shorter and affect geometry..... if you're gonna do something like this, you gotta do alotta homework..... i been messin' w/the RFS bikes, i dunno about the bigger ones.... i think it's a euro/semi-socialist thing that they keep everyone working by minutely changing parts from year to year.... crazy stuff..... i dunno how they stay in bizness....
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