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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post
The McLaren has actually changed quite a lot. A few more races and we might just have an idea.
Yes, thanks, I've since read that rather than incrementally upgrade the car, McLaren gave it radical changes. As a consequence they're completely lost. They have no idea where the problems are.

They set a fast time on their first sequence in their first test and have never been able o repeat it. Turns out they had an improperly mounted suspension piece.

I say, then mount your suspension improperly for every race! That's why I'm not an engineer.

ps Yes, that's why I said Red Bull is a front running car; can't pass in corners and no top end. Had Sutil not been there, I wonder how different the race would have looked? One imagines Kimi's two-stopper might still have won it, as his pace was good.

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