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Originally Posted by IrishJohn View Post
a conflict of interest when the Instructor is a direct employee of the guy selling motorcycles
FWIW, my Rider's Edge instructor was an active MSF instructor at other non-Harley training locations as well; I saw no favoritism toward the dealership or "rubber stamping" prospective customers. In fact, he counseled one rider out of completing the course after a few hours on the range; she was very intimidated by the clutch and was not getting the hang of it. After dropping the bike several times while stopping/starting, he encouraged her take the MSF scooter course to see if she felt more comfortable riding with a CVT, then re-evaluate her desire to ride.

So while he might have had a conflict of interest by encouraging her to enroll (and pay) for two courses, the second one had no connection with the Harley dealer, and he certainly steered her away from a possible Harley purchase.
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