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Originally Posted by Tenni126 View Post
I wonder if the mechanical one from a Yamaha Raptor would fit...that's the one I used in my DR's tank...I'll look and see if I kept it.
Also - there was a recent discussion in "The Garage" I believe on this subject.
"After much parts fiche searching, and the risk of $22, I found the petcock I need, and maybe it'll help some of you inmates as well.

This petcock is the standard unit from mid-80's TT600 Yamahas. Part number 34K-24500-02. Price thru most vendors is approx $15 plus shipping! Most online parts places or Yamaha dealers can get them within a week or two.

The base gasket and mounting screw holes fit both my DR650 and Kawasaki Super Sherpa. And eye-balling things, the petcock looks like it'd fit my KLX300 and XL250 too, so I'm thinking it's fairly universal.

The outlet barb points straight down! So this petcock can mount on the left or right side of a bike w/o the issues of a 90 degree outlet. It works well for situations where the carb inlet is on the left side of the bike, and the petcock mount is on the right. Perfect for the TM40 I installed on my DR!

The only potential downside to this petcock is a shorter-than-average outlet barb. It's only about 1/2" long with only 2 barbs so you need to use a strong wire clamp and be sure the fuel line isn't stressed.
The mounting base for this petcock is oval; 2.1" Long, 79" wide. The bolt/screw holes are .25" diameter and they're spaced 1.35" center-to-center.

In metric 53.5mm Long, 20mm Wide, Bolt/Screw holes are 6.6mm in diameter and they're spaced at 34mm center-to center.

The outlet barb is 6mmOD; 1/4" line would fit slightly loose. It probably needs 5.5mm metric fuel line."
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