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Anybody else having the grey/white screen on startup? I've had this problem occasionally since I got the unit 4 months ago but it happened infrequently, until this past week. I've had it happen 4 times this week. Tried to search the Garmin Forums but their forums don't seem to be set up for questions like this. Google search found a Geocaching forum that has a thread on this problem from about 18 mos. ago but they report it mostly happens when the Montana is installed in a cradle, mine does it both when installed in the cradle and when hand held. Usually powering down the unit 1 or 2 times will bring it back to normal startup but yesterday I had to remove it from the cradle and cycle power in handheld mode to get it to start normally.

The condition is when starting the unit up the screen lightens up a little (what I call "gray" screen) but goes no further than that. Holding the power button down gets you the normal 2 beep power down signal and it will usually power down. Hitting the on button again the unit may power up normally or I may have to repeat the process again. On the Geocaching forum they reported they had to remove the battery to get it to shut down.

This problem has occurred in both 4.60 and with my current 4.70 F/W installed.

I'll be calling Garmin on Mon.
Called Garmin, 1st guy I talked to said he'd never heard of this problem before, put me on hold to ask someone else about it and about 2 min later hung up on me.

Called Garmin back, this time got James, he too said they never heard of this problem, wanted to know if I had any other s/w loaded on the unit (I said just CN & Topo) then wanted to know if I had a SD card installed (yes I do) said the SD card may be hanging up the unit to remove the card and see if it still happens, if it does next step is master reset of the unit.

I think Garmin is hoping the problem (me) will go away, not a chance.

At least I got a ticket no. from James to refer to later.

Don't think I'm going to wind up being real happy w/ Garmin on this......

Update: 3rd time I powered the unit up after removing the SD card (and after hanging up w/ Garmin) the unit went into White Screen mode..... (it's not a SD card issue)

3rd call to Garmin I did the Master Reset with them on the line followed by 5 reboots, came up each time (not surprising), will be using the daylights out of it to see if it fails again.

Do we have a separate thread for Montana "issues"?
'05 R1200GS for now......

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