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Just got back from DV yesterday.

I am on a KTM 530 with a 3.1 gallon tank and an assortment of MSR fuel bottles.

Camped at Mesquite Springs

Friday- Ride past Scottys and out to the Hardluck Castle, find a faint road east Sarcobatus Falts? (towards Beatty) and manage to pick the fork that leads to the millions of mining roads above Beatty, what a maze. Finally work out way into town and refuel to slab it down to Titus Canyon. Work our way down Titus which is super fun and find a group of juvenile Big Horns standing right beside the road. Slab it the 20 miles back to Mesquite. 125 miles total.

Up to the Ubehebe crater and then out to the Race Track- road is in great shape. Funny how it says the speed limit is 35- in a car that would be terrifiying. On a bike its quick for most of it. From the RT out to the right turn down the Lippincott Pass. Just pick your way down it. Its not that bad until you get to the bottom and have to traverse about 3 miles of really washed rocks. A flat waiting to happen and no place to relax. Just one wash after another....
Turn right on the Saline Valley road with gets progressively better as you get down to the valley floor. Take the right just after the Saline dunes and head up to the Springs. The 'scenery' was quite good at the lower springs and we ended up spending over 2.5 hours just soaking and laying on the grass have a snooze. Hey if you can get naked in front of strangers you are doing life wrong.
Suit up and immediately you are doing a rocky/loose gravel flail up the wash towards Steele Pass. It is hot, youre arms are burning and you have to pay attention at all times.This seemingly goes on for at least ten miles before the road gets better as you start climbing the pass. The switchbacks up the pass are not too bad on the KTM- on a big bike? no fun.

Once you get to the top it is cooler and the road is really fun for quite an ways. Then you get to what I think is Dedeckedera (sp) canyon and start down. There are three steps near the bottom that dont present any problem on unless you are on a big bike going the other way. Eureka Dunes are in sight and views are insane. A mile or two of deep sand is pretty straightforward if you just pin it and hold on. Then you are out on the washboard headed to the black top and a right headed over to Crankshaft Crossing thru Hanging Rock Canyon.

At Cranshaft you hit the DV road headed back towards Mesquite Springs and about 30 minutes of how fast do you want to go after a long day.

Total trip about 160 miles. The 530 ended up needed anbout 4 gallons to do the loop.

I had 1200 GS and would defintley not do this on it- not fun.
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