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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
WANTED: Dead OEM R/R from a twin....

Not sure if it's true, but have heard some less than stellar feedback on the CompuFire unit,

Don't know about that. for me the Compufire really solved the issue.
for what it's worth:

the original stator with original R/R lasted 34,000 km

then the 1st rewind stator lasted 5,727 km with the orig R/R
the 2nd rewind stator lasted 4,750 km with the orig R/R
and the 3rd rewind stator (same man and same material than the first 2 rewound stators) is now over 20,000 km with the Compufire R/R and still doing strong....

btw no adverse effect either of the compufire R/R on the on-board electronics, computer etc...

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