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Originally Posted by Bronco638 View Post
How about Auto Meter?

Something like this LINK ?
The problem with them is they only come in the 1/8" NPT thread for the sensor. I actually may be going this route eventually though. They make an 1/8" weld in adapter, so basically, I'd drop the transmission pan, drill a hole in it and weld in the adapter and then not have to worry about all this issue of trying to find a temp sensor that will fit the drain plug. If I do that though it will be during the summer months when i have a day off or something.

I found a Beck Arnley sensor that is very similar to the Touratech one (M12x1.25 threads etc) and bought it for a couple bucks to try it out. The problem is, much like the touratech sensor, it's made for specific gauges so it won't work with my aftermarket temp gauge. It works a bit but is not very accurate. I have tried 3 or 4 different sensors out since I started this thread and most, when not connected to the specific gauge they were designed for, seem pretty innacurate. Since I can't find any sensors that are M12x1.25 that come with a gauge of their own, I'll likely end up welding in an adapter and doing it that way. I was just hoping for an easy way out:)
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