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Hard to find time to work on the 650, but I did get some of the mounts done.

The upper motor mount had to be redone in order to fit the MX125 tank. The original mount was a funky 3 piece per side deal Not sure why Yamaha did that, but here is the making of the new mounts.

The other issues were the rear brake stay and the mounting for the muffler onto the frame. I originally had the brake stay mounted to one of the main bolts for the pivoting dogbone on the suspension linkage, but I was affraid it would fail after some fatigue. Also, it was getting pretting crowded in that section of the frame with the rear brake pivot, brake stay, suspension linkage mounts and then a muffler mount.

In the end I was able to weld a single mount to the frame that would serve both as the brake stay mount on one side and the mounting point for the muffler on the other side. It took some planning to get the mounts to work while still being able to remove all the hardware (i.e. not welding in a frame piece so I couldn't take the suspension apart).

Here is the muffler in roughly the position I wanted it in.

And making a bracket to hold it there.

And the 2 mounted together

I think that is the last piece that I need the motor mounted in the frame for. There are a few odds and ends to work on, but I think it is time to tear everything down for final welding and then rebuilding everything. It's been a long time to get to this point and I'm glad to be moving on to another phase
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