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Slippery roads

Two years ago I was riding from Split via Rijeka and northbound. Just outside Rijeka I had the same experience with slippery roads. I was coming out of a nice right turn when my bike just disappeared below me. No warning I was doing about 70 at the time. I slid across the road and ended up in a ditch on the far side. The bike was OK, but I was hurting. No broken bones, but badly bruised. When I got back on my feet I checked the road. Usually there is sand, the road is wet or you see some discoloring. I saw nothing, but the road was slippery as ice in that turn. I even felt it with my boots

Later I read that the stones they use in the asphalt in that area contains lots of chalk. When the road gets warm the small stones lets of a thin layer of chalk which makes the road slippery as ice. Lessons learned.

Note to self: Drive slow and live longer

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Nice, wide and twisty road trough dense forest. Road is severely lacking in straights department, with turns just flowing one into another. This is first proper pavement section in last couple of days and I'm enjoying it. Time to blow some steam out of the system and get adrenalin pumping. Right hairpin, I'm going slowly, no input on brakes or the throttle. Front end decides it's time for me to get up-close and personal with surface so it skids sideways underneath me. By pure magic bike stays upright, with me in the saddle. Two things I'm sure about: my foot never came of the footrest and I had some mild pain in shin area for next couple of minutes. I turn around, wanting to know what caused wheel to slide. There are no oil marks, no gravel, nothing. Going back downhill I tried rear brake. Wheel is blocked instantly and bike almost kept same speed. Slippery as ice... Warning came at cheap price, I take it seriously :)

Still cruising, regular left turn, no oil, no gravel. Front end goes sideways, rear follows. This time foot came to the rescue and once again bike stays upright. WTF...
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