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joseph jedidiah smith campground to Trinidad CA.

I had a rad evening for st. patties. after setting up camp I paid a visit to my neighbors... actually the had taken the picnic table from my site and were ready to bring it back over for me... I posed the question to them "how about I just come over to your camp to use it?"

after assuring them I was not some crazy hobo they warmed right up. say hello to (from left) Emily, Mack, and Andy.

these guys all knew each other from working at the Oregon Shakespeare festival up in Ashland. funny story about that... a buddy and I had crashed our friends class trip there once. we weren't in the class that was supposed to go, but we tagged along anyway. good times :)

I managed to kill a six pack in honor of mr. patty's day, shared some laughs with these new camp friends and slept a little on the chilly side, nestled among the redwoods and smith river.

I woke at about 9am, surprisingly feeling refreshed (despite a bout at 3 am with a demon in the pit of my stomach which insisted on escaping through my mouth).

I enjoyed the hottest coin operated shower I could stand, said goodbye to my friendly neighbors and hit the road, south on 101 through crescent city.

seeing the pacific just south of town... I stopped here and had a brief call with my folks. the excitement in their voices was apparent and the happiness in mine came through as well.

I continued south and took several jaunts through the redwoods. 101, 169, and the Newman b. Somethingorothers scenic parkway. from this road I took a right (damn I need to do a better job of marking these details down) into a 1 mile, supposedly dead end grove of redwoods...

after the mile the road was blocked by some downed branches and whatnot... luckily it was easily passable and I kept going.

another mile or two and I came to a locked gate. haha! I fucking love this pic...

after the gate the road started seeming ancient. there were marked and bricked turnouts as though this was a forgotten stretch of 101. old cracked pavement buried in mulch and detritus from years of disuse. after a while the road turned I gravel and the bits of pavement gave way to dirt, rocks, and branches.

who says you can't take a sport bike offroad?!

the view from this "road"... incredible...

if you look closely I wrote "Paul was here" in the gravel... lighting is bad so it's barely visible. but hopefully the next person to go around that gate sees it. I just couldn't resist leaving my (non permanent) mark.

currently in Trinidad CA. enjoying a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich from the lighthouse grill. they make their own ice cream here and I keep hearing people behind me ravin about it... might need to give it a try.
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