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Originally Posted by Canuman View Post
Mine's been jetted, has the Boyesen reeds, and a Pro-Circuit pipe. It makes sufficient power for my needs as it sits. If I throw any money at it, it will be at the suspension and making it capable of carrying at least enough gear for an overnight. .
hi canuman, hopefully you still read this thread. friend of mine just bought a 2001 kdx200 and it has the same reeds and pipe as yours. he found it too peaky though for all the tight gnarly stuff we ride, and almost no lugging power at all. you can see him struggling away on a tough hill in this vid of his first ride...


he does have the stock pipe and reeds from the previous owner, in your opinion would this get back a bit of lost grunt and flatten the power curve a bit? i'm trying to convince him to try this before selling it so quickly..
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