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Originally Posted by crypto666 View Post
Ok, now that is just nuts. You want to exchange that battery you took such good care of, never over discharged it or otherwise abused, and exchange it for some battery that who knows who did what to
I agree there are some issues to solve. But today you take the fuel system you carefully maintain, changing fuel filters regularly and making sure you maintain surgical cleanliness when you re-jet your carbs, and then you dump who knows what into your tank. Sure the sign says Exxon and the pump says 95 octane, but even if that's true, who knows what fell in when they filled the tanker or filled the underground tanks? Just saying ....

There are laws of physics which make it dangerous and/or expensive to recharge kilowatt-hours of energy into a battery in a short time. The only "laws" preventing standardizing on a few sizes of interchangeable batteries are supply/demand and government and industry collaboration.

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