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Originally Posted by Storm Shadow View Post
i wish i had a tank now

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse, I sometimes wish this when I'm driving/riding and have to deal with oblivious idiots in cages. Then I get rational and think hell, I could never afford a fucking tank; they get like 10 gallons of primo diesel fuel to the mile and that spent uranium ammo is spendy! Same story with Hellfire missiles and a launcher, I suspect. So then I think, well maybe I could realistically get my hands on a bazooka or RPG, that would work! Then I think hell, I'd go broke buying ammo...

Thankfully my employer lets me work from home a lot so my commute time and incipient mayhem time is reduced to a manageable level.

I enjoyed the recent MC magazine article in which the editors selected the KLR650 as their preferred escape vehicle for the zombie apocalypse. I've chosen something smaller and more nimble, having scored a 2010 WR250R last Saturday . Now if it would just stop raining and warm up a bit I could go test it out.

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