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Originally Posted by Yellow Iron View Post
Nice beach pic. Ill be waiting for the ride report
Well if it was not for the invention of heated gear I'd be frozen.
Leaving here last week (very late in the day) was an issue with last Friday's snow. I did the boring I95 but hit massive traffic in Philly and than in DC. Only to make it to N.C. I woke up to 28deg. and a nice frost on everything. I made it to Daytona in the afternon as things warmed up a lot. I mocked a lot of trailer queens heading down but on my way back home I was the fool.
I camped a few miles from the track and in talking to others it was obvious nearly no one comes down for the races. One time I laughed when a guy asked where I was heading to tomorrow.
"Races? where?"

Well main street is a real zoo but I can only take the endless open pipe noise for so long.
It's funny, do these bikes not come with idle screws?
Every moment blip the throttle blip the throttle. X that by thousands and I have a headache.
I leave to cross over to the beach and than realize I can ride on it. Cool, so I give it a go. It's packed well and rather firm.

I decide It's best to kill some time and see the Keys and Everglades prior to the race so I head south.
I camped in Key Largo. Nice. I head further south the following day but as I near the end the traffic turns into a parking lot. Oh, it's also HOT out.
It seems kinda silly as everyone needs to drive to the end (me included).
As I approach Key West I'm now melting with too much gear on and no place to store it. To the point like an ass I never take a picture of the lowest marker. That now pisses me off.

I come back across the everglades on 41 and see for the first time crocodiles just lying in the sun!

I kill some more time meandering on the west coast up through Marcos Islands, Naples, into Ft Myers. Nice areas.
I end back at Daytona for races where it's now actually feeling cold out.
Daytona (the track) is kinda cool. NASCAR is totally NOT my thing but I can see why it's a destination for the devoted.

The trip home was fine for most of it.
I took a detour because I was sick of I95. Wanting to see interior SC, NC, and VA. I exited in S.C. on rt 52 heading towards Darlington. (I've been in nicer places). Than on Rt1 to Rockanham N.C. to I74 to Greensboro N.C. (stayed a night) than rt 29. through Lynchburg VA and Charlotsville VA. I took I 66 east to the DC beltway where all good things must come to and end (it was the best riding day, 70 deg. and sunny when I started). Just outside DC the temp dropped and things got damp, than wet, than north of Philly they salted the roads. By this time 9pm the shield was fogged and covered in a salty mess. PIA. Than I notice snow on the grassy areas. Grrrrrr. I cross over into NJ and ah what the hell I'll just finish up this mess. But I'm hungry so I stop on rt 206 in Hillsborough. There is a newish Quick check or something. Nice they have hot soup! Most likely been cooking all day but it tasted good to me. I eat inside. (they actually have tables) and eventually leave and notice my bike is a white salty mess from the roads, bummer.

All in all it's a sucky time to travel far but was interesting trip none the less. Flordia is just not a interesting place to ride. Scenery is nice but roads are lame and the lack of jughandles makes traffic lights take eternity.
Bike worked without issue. I averaged 44mpg on highway 70~80mph. and 48mpg on the backroads with loaded bags, tail box and tent roll.

Ok, i'm just too lazy to type any more or snip pictures to fit right now.

A pull off on one of the Keys.

Yes, a few other signs simply said "Panthers".
Oh! I did not expect that. I wimped out and got a hotel that night.
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