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Updates and a cool tool you may not have seen...

Well it has been to long between updates so decided to couple a few things. First off here are some of my recent updates. In wanting to keep the gas tank temperature down as I have done with all my other builds, I lined the gas tank with aluminum reflective tape.

On my race bikes and busa’s this has made a large difference in fuel temperature.
A couple of months ago I was starting on the side panels and realized that my front turn signals were cracked on the lens and otherwise old. So, I updated the turn signals to LED’s. Given that the signals were not the same size as the OEM’s, I filled the spare space with mesh to act as a catch for debris that might enter the opening.

On the same note, I decided to update the lower plastic “bash” plate wherein the side panels were limited in size and since I was in a modifying mode I opened up the side panels and included some mesh. I like the overall look and since I have raised the suspension almost 8” I feel comfortable putting some time into this part. If at some point I destroy this part, I have the aluminum plate to build a nice real bash plate.

The kickstand was an issue as I had already built a new one when I installed the CR250 shock, however, once I installed the new Hyperpro shock I found that I had missed the geometry with the new stand and in essence I had an unstable bike. Soooo…this weekend I made a new stand and I am so happy with how the position of the bike. I can hope on and off the bike and nothing moves.

With all this work going on, I did not want to put the horn back in its original position…and there is a reason. I have had several hard near misses where I have only remained alive because I was able to ride out of the position I was in. Well, I have found that repositioning the horn has alleviated this issue with my other bikes. So, using the stock brackets I found a place right under the air filter that does NOT interfere with removing the filter and puts the sound right in the environment where I want it.

Back at the beginning of the build I found I was dealing with very old tires…very old! Well, with dirt tires, my NOMAR tire system does not do squat for these rims. After destroying a new set of tubes using metal tire tools, I needed a new plan. I spent a few days researching tools and found STUBBY’S which are made from Delron material. Holy Cow! I was able to change each of the tires in under 15 minutes. I am sure you guys have great tools that are well suited for doing this, but I wanted to share what I have found.

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