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2012-12-18 Styx-Mueller Continued

I had been out for about 6 hours in the crappy weather so I figured I would just make my way home back along Styx Rd...

Every time I pass the power lines at this end of Styx Rd I get the urge to ride up the ridiculously steep track that goes up the hill under the lines (198km to 201km on the route)... I've passed it about a dozen times in the last year or so and every time I think to myself I HAVE to ride that one day!:

One trip on the Dominator I poked around to try and find a way in but one track was over grown, and the other was gated... I don't have a decent photo looking up so I'll use one that was on Google Earth...
Photos do it no justice!


It's about as steep as they come, according to the map the top part rises 100m in altitude in a 322m stretch:

Anyway... I went up the access track to have another look at the gate:

To my amusement it was broken, I chuckled to myself and continued on to do this monster hill-climb so it could be crossed off my bucket list

It turned out to be really easy, the hump on the Tenere seat everyone complains about makes it the perfect beast for climbing hills, you don't have to put any effort into staying forward on the seat...

At the top I found another gate:

No drama, I was just happy to get this far... There was a bit of a muddy track around the gate but with the wet weather I gave it a miss, I'll try to get a key for the gates around here one day and explore this area with permission...

The view down the hill:

Styx Rd, where I started, runs left to right across at the bottom, the tracks heading off into the distance were ones I explored earlier in the day:

Crawled my way back down very slowly, this wasn't a track I wanted to lose traction on and start sliding, it was no drama and we made it back down safely ...

8 min video, up and back down, first 1min is from styx Rd around to the gate at the bottom of the hill:

(the wide angle lens on the GoPro makes everything look flat)

It made my day! VERY exhilarating!

To be continued... .. .
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