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Now I am concerned about a back rest for Robin and her back when she is on the back during rides. This was what I came up with and I have to say it is very comfortable. I am reutilizing the seat cover that came with the bike when I bought it and in the end…I am very happy!

Now for the meat of this post. I am sure that many of you have had to change the radiator fluid and if you follow the Honda method you will end up having to “burp” the system until the thermostat has opened and closed enough to cycle the engine until you have filled both radiators, engine and reservoir bottle. Well, I have been building cars and bikes for many years and during the rebuild in my Porsche Boxster I came across the AIRLIFT system. It allows you to fill the entire cooling system of any vehicle in less than 3 minutes.

On the Boxster I was presented with almost 40’ of radiator hose, two radiators, a complex engine and large scale reservoir…and this system filled the my car in under 4 minutes on a single shot. How it works…using a venturi system you draw a vacuum on the cooling system, switch to the fill tube and draw the fluid in…then you’re done. I have documented the process step by step. You pull 25 to 30 psi vacuum on the system, once you have the vacuum, you close the system remove the venturi attachement and wait 20 seconds. If it does not bleed down, you have an airtight system with zero leaks. Then you hook up the fill attachment and open the ball valves. When the system reaches zero your system is filled. If you look in your radiator and notice it is not to the top, you may have to do this a second time. For this system I was able to do the whole bike in a single draw.
Here is what the system looks like and how easy it is to use:

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