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Ride update

We had a great ride, we left Willits Saturday morning around 10 am and headed north on 101. Weather was a bit cold but not to bad, well until we got close to Fortuna but we expected that, I don't think I've ever seen good weather up that way. We got to Eureka fueled up and headed to Hwy 299, it was a pleasant ride until we started climbing in altitude then things got a little sketchy. The first sign, we where going around a right turn and a gust of wind hit us so hard on the right I thought the bike was going to come out from under us, it was crazy so we slowed way down and just putted along. We started up this one hill with a passing lane going maybe 30 ok 20 :}, we would start the turn on the inside lane and end up in the outer lane, even the SUV in front of us was getting blown around, total adrenalin rush and not the good kind. We got over the top and things settled down a little until we got to Whiskey town lk, going over the bridge we got another wake up call, shewww, we had enough of that but it was smooth "sailing" after that. Got a room in Redding, had a nice visit and dinner with my son and his girl friend and just relaxed.

We where thinking of just taking 5 to 20 home on Sunday but after a good night sleep we decided to go ahead and ride 36 back to 101 and I'm glad we did because it was a great ride with no major wind problems. Going over the higher elevations the road was clear and dry but still snow drifts, it was beautiful. We managed to stop and take a few pic's along the way, I'll post them after we get them off the camera. As we got close to Fortuna of course it got cold, a bit windy but nothing like Saturday. Stopped in Garberville for some hot coco, mmmm that was good. By this time it was getting late and our butt's where telling us "GET HOME" so we put the mighty Strom in high gear and blasted back to Willits. Over all, great weekend, great ride, did close to 600 miles. Would have been nice to have company along but it is what it is.

Looking foward to the next adventure.
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