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Ok guys, I'm very new to this TuneECU thing. Just downloaded the program and it looks great, but I don't have the experience to start changing things in the mappings, and I don't want to read through all the pages in this topic, so here's my question:
Did anyone manage to find the holy grail (aka, a mapping for a 990 with akra's/wings that gets rid of the hesitation at around 4000 rpm but doesn't burn as much fuel as the factory akra map)? Please do tell!
The factory Akra map wasn't bad, IF you turned on the O2 sensors. The original Akra map had them turned off, that was one reason the fuel mileage was so bad.

You could try the PowerTripp map for dual exhaust, included with the KTM map directory. It works on 09-up Adventures. I've been using his map for single exhaust and found it to work great.

If you have an 07-08 Adventure, no one has come out with the holy grail map for that.
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