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After that little detour I was going to head home... But... at 206km on the route I noticed a single set of tyre tracks going up a track I've wanted to explore in the past but have never been able to due to a gate... Since there was tracks up there I figured it was worthwhile seeing if the gate was open, and it was Gotta strike while the irons hot so I took the opportunity to check out this area:

Lots of nice tracks, some slow, mossy, and overgrown, some open and fast:

Around 216 on the route I came across a shrine/memorial for a deceased forestry worker, dated in the 1970's form memory:

Speaking of memorials, on the Adamsfield and ClearHill ride a did a few months ago, posted on page 2, I took some photos of a memorial:

My mum was going through the photos and realized she's good friends with the deceased mans wife and brother... SMALL world! ... Apparently he was killed while debarking logs, one shifted and crushed him... Sad for a young family...
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