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Anyway, on with the last part of the report...

There's fungusamongus:

After poking around for about 30km I was fairly close to the power lines over on the southern side of Styx Rd so I figured I might as well have a quick poke around so I have a bit of an idea where I want to go next time I come out here:

Around 237km on the route I made my way up a power line access track, rarely used, few small trees to hop over:

Got to the lines and made my way to the lower, northern end, just up from Styx Rd:

Looking down towards Styx Rd/River where I stopped earlier in the day, the track on the far side is the one you access by going across the river: (I'll have to do it one day)

Looking south back up the track:

4 min vid heading back up the lines and down the other side of the hill:

Made my way back up the hill and over the other side:

There was a track going down the hill I think, but being so late in the day, and slippery, I wasn't game to head down there, there was other tracks going around to the bottom anyway, I'll head around there next:

Making my way around to the bottom:

(245.5km) Looking up to where I turned around just up there near the rusty pole ^^^ ... There's a track through there somewhere

Made my way up to another pole access track, it was as steep as hell and slippery, figured it can wait for another day: (around 247.5km)

4 min vid up and back down this track.. I could have probably make it up there but it was too late in the day to tempt fate:

Started making my way home with 1 last detour, up around 250km to 261km on the route just to check the lines a bit further south/east...

Where the lines change direction at around 255km on the route:

Looking south from about 257km on the route... there's some ok looking tracks heading that way but they'll have to wait till another day:

Then home via Styx Rd and Plenty Valley Rd...

That ended up very long winded... sorry... I'll head back out there at some stage when it's dry to conquer the rest of the power line tracks I skipped
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