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Remember the Amazon lady, the one without pics? Well I had to make my Ateam Murdock moves on these drooling senorita's while ramping up for dinner or winding down from the ride, whatever. These ladies wanted me to talk to them all night long, shoot pool and buy them drinks. But, I dropped them like a bad habit, I have no time for this silliness as I am Team Magoo! I think the line was we are in a gang in Albuquerque, the East Side Magoo's, the hook was set.

Team Magoo was applauding and saluting Ateam. Dude.....

This is all fuzzy memories of the night before. Baja Dayz.

Ride Day 3

From Catavinia we head back west and towards coastline and in case I didn't mention it, some beach ridding.

The terrain gradually changes into wide basins.

We ride into a basin. This picture is my favorite. Big Sprocket way out in front, Captn' Nemo following. This is sticky material here me thinks. Epic!

A stop in Rosarto for gas at a hardware, convenience store and 6 gallon cans of gas behind the counter. We also met a group of riders who were camping at a nearby beach. The store was making arrangements for a ball joint or a wheel bearing to be shipped for their 4 wheel drive truck. I think they were doing day rides from near here, camping on the beach and fishing. A great vacation for young kids and parents for sure. We talked a while about our ride to date, I think there were several that wanted to load up bags on their bikes and go on with us.

Back to the coastal riding, heading south. There were many places like this. I stopped and quickly grabbed this photo, but we typically just cruised on by places like this.

We finally get to ride on a beach. This is something I have thought about since Magoo invited me to ride Baja and sent me the Chulapa Report. Many Baja ride reports later, I still dreamed of riding on a beach. Following the surf line, ridding fast and seeing nothing but shoreline and ocean. Oh my god how much fun riding on a beach is, as long as the tide is out and the sand is hard packed.

My mind just goes and goes looking at this picture.

We entered the beach back from this little village in the background.


This beach riding segment needs a video.

Great music and awesome riding. Watch the stand up wheelie as Chuck rolls through his gears.

We make our way into Guerro Negro, again a long day of 200 plus miles riding and check into the Cowboy Motel. We arrive at dark thirty and the entrance area is under construction. A contractors and scaffolding dream job going on here . We are chatting and I notice a large bus tour group unloading. I announce that we need to get inside and check in before the mob. So we enter and there is a couple checking in. They chat and chat, it takes a long time. In the meantime The tour bus group comes rolling in after a long day of whale watching. There is a little lady I assume is the leader of the rowdy and hearty gringo touristas. She then announces to Chris, Bruce and I that she just need to grab her keys to her room. Before we could really say anything she jumps in and proceeds to manage a 21 gun, I mean 21 key salute. This charade goes on for about 10 minutes as the native whale watcher crowd turns up the obnoxious volume. Hey Ted and Irene, you want two doubles or a single queen? Freddie, I got you a king, blah blah blah. We stand quietly and watch the Baja Walmartians pin ball their way out the door. There were a few that required some BelRay axle grease on their ass to get them through the narrow door. The creepy feel of rude American tourists tingles in the lobby air.

We finally get our rooms. Have a few liquids to maintain proper hydration and make our way to the restaurant Malarrimo.

This place is nice and the waiter is on the ball. However, I hear, I smell, I sense and feel the presence of the rude American's. They have occupied Malarrimo's. We did have a bit of conversation with the whale watchers, but it was not entirely jovial. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be a citizen of the USA or associated with these, people. In Mexico or elsewhere outside the USA, I try to show respect, try to speak the language, embrace the culture and the people. Truly the people of Baja is the icing on the cake when riding here. I think our waiter understood how we felt. But aside from the whale watchers being watched by whales encounters, it was just a fantastic day and the Oboma head road was brutal but part and parcel of Baja.

Did you like the beach nirvana and quarter mile high speed beach wheelie.

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