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Gibraltar seems to be the southernmost point on the Ibrerian peninsula. But that's Tarifa. So I'm heading a bit back to the the narrowest spot of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Strait separates Spain from Morocco and links the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. At the surface, water surges in from the Atlantic at a rate equivalent to 240 Niagara Falls. The water travels anticlockwise around the Mediterranean for 180 years, in which time it becomes ever more salty. As a result the water becomes heavier, sinks, and flows through the depths of the Strait of Gibraltar back out into the Atlantic.

The Strait is on eof the busiest waterways of the planet (88.000 ships per year) and at the same time a favourite habitat for dolphins and whales.

In Tarifa is home to research programm on sea mammals called They offer cruises for the public with the researchers for a small amount of money. So I was lucky to get very close to these astonishing beauties.

Once in Tarifa I cannot miss an important place of history the Cabo de Trafalgar. In 1805 the British fleet defeatet here the joint Spanish-French (the Armada) fleet. This battle stopped Napoleon from his plan to invade Britain and contributed indirectly to his defeat on the European mainland.

Tarifa is a “high wind area”. With a width of fourteen kilometres, the Strait of Gibraltar is at its narrowest near Tarifa. Winds such as the Levante and Poniente are squeezed through the strait as if through a nozzle.

With wind forces regularly reaching 6 to 9, the southernmost point on the European mainland has found its way onto the maps of many windsurfers and kite surfers. In the background you can still see the mountains of Morocco.

It's a very calm and warm evening that I spent in Tarifa waiting for ...

... Richard! He has a few days off and we'll do some kms together.

Near Tarifa we noticed some rare traffic signs

The backcountry is full of Sierras and it's real fun to ride on these perfect roads unless ...

... you bump into some moving obstacles.

Aaaah, those roads!

Well, that wasn't us. Bad luck though!

This canyon, the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, is a special one. No road goes into it but in former days a way led through it, known as the Camino del Rey. Some people call it the most dangerous way on earth.

It's not my footage but for an impression of the Camino del Rey there's a little video:

When the sun is about to set I take a little offroad section while Richard and the Harley remain on the tar.

This is one of my favourite sunset pictures.

I hops you've enjoyed todays chapter.



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