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Originally Posted by porkandcorn View Post

as i learned from michi, the tech in santa cruz, i will now reboot the computer every morning after i have extreme changes like this. i simply disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, turn the key on to cycle the computer, turn it off for a minute to let the stepper motor find it's tolerances, then turn it on and let it idle for 15 minutes. this is something that i was not aware i needed to do before this trip. there are pros and cons to a fuel injected motor. the pros outweigh the cons in comparison to a carbureted motor, which would probably run terribly or not run at all at the top of these passes and in these extreme changing conditions.
Great stuff!

I'm glad to know Triumph is establishing shops in South America, just in case I take my bike there some day.

Electronic fuel injection should be an advantage on changes of altitude because the system is changing its parameters to accommodate for changes in atmospheric pressure (altitude, in your case), air temperature, gasoline, things that influence air density and the mixture of air and fuel. Carburated bikes, you needed to change the needles when changing altitude.

The 15 minutes idle is to reset the throttle position sensor.

I'm curious to know how things will progress on your bike. When in Brazil, you were fueling it with 15% ethanol in the gasoline. But I know it varies to up to 20% in some gas stations. I don't know what kind of fuel they have in Bolivia, but certainly your friend Sylvia would know if they add ethanol to gasoline over there as well.
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