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Lane, I'm doing really well, thanks. I bought a house in Huntington Beach and have been settling in. Haven't ridden in a LLLOOONNNGG time.
I really don't have the same issues with the 525 that Monti has had with his 530, so maybe you're right about that bike. Comparing a KTM dirtbike to a DR isn't really fair, they are two very different sort of bikes. The DR has more in common with Adventure, big & heavy. Twist the throttle on that 530 and let the suspension work under you for a bit and you'll know why the DR is for sale and not the KTM.

As for the adventure vs the super enduro, well I didn't have a choice, the super wasn't born yet, I'd still get the Adventure S though. The super doesn't hold much gas, that's a priority for me, especially in Baja. My Adventure has been really good, surprisingly so offroad. It's intimidating, but if you let it work it does great. How's your BMW? Been riding much?
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