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Originally Posted by rwhittak3 View Post
How bad do you think this would be on a DRZ with a moderately competent rider? I don't want to slow you guys down too much, but I want to have some fun!
I'm the wrong guy to ask as I was riding this type of stuff on a XR650R. Totally wrong bike but it did handle it.

What I can say is as a group I'm not worried about going slow, fast or whatever. I'm happy to lead a group and we go as fast as the slowest rider. These events/rides are not about racing.

There might be at times spots where we spot each other, drag each others bikes up a ledge or ride it up for a rider. Expect to pickup your bike a few times but we will jump in and help. Oh and we won't leave people behind.

So come out you will be okay in any ride I lead.

I'm so excited almost time for this ride.....
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