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This is an old rail trail right? I haven't researched it much at all, so please give me the boot if I am wrong.....I'll take it.
IMHO...rail trails are good for one thing and that is to cover some distances in a relative hurry so to speak. They do go through some really spectacular scenery in some locations, and there are a few huge tressels to cross. But, for excitement so to speak they are not much better than the black top with a centre line. If you are unfortunate and are behind someone on a dry day, you'll eat more scenery than you'll see. Those types of trails get mighty dusty, mighty fast from what i have experienced.
Sure you can get deep into the wilds while on these types of trails, but they can be done on any form of motorized vehicle so to the riding experience isn't really there.....I'm sure it could be at breakneck speeds and that is probably why the Greenies are wanting to close it. No I'm no greenie, far from it. But I have had to fight them for rights here in Ontario without any success what so ever. They have much more fundage and a stronger will to see it to the end. It seems us motorized sport folks can't even get organized as a whole to fight the fight. We constantly argure over who gets the final say, or useages, anything......while the Greenies just keep marching forward to the end goal. Keep us out! They don't have any grey areas to worry about, it's simple.....anything that burns fuel to move is refused entry. I gave up fighting these groups long ago. I just move away to other locations or move away from the sport. It's not the answer or the right thing to do for the long term benefit of our sport or any motorized sport. We will soon be only allowed to ride our machines within a plastic bubble as not to pollute the atmoshere or ruin the ground we ride on. Lets face it, we do both and we can't argue this fact. Google trail damages from space and see what pops up! You literally can see where the once single track trails have been destroyed by motorized vehicles. Did you or I do it, maybe not....but the Greenies don't care. It was a motorized vehicle and that is what they want to keep out. Plain and simple.

So, I do admit the trails are great ways to get into the wilderness and enjoy nature. Once the Greenies get their sites set on a specific trail or's just a matter of time before they win. Unless we start fighting like they do.....a unified front....all motorized sports need to come together and represent as one....then we may have some clout!

This is why I have switched to a dualsport bike with capabilities to ride both road and more trailering to the areas where I hope I'm not locked out of, only to find another trail gone and I am forced once again to drive home to find a new location. I ride to the trails, enjoy a few hours on them and then ride home......a win win for me. Plus, if I do meet someone on the trails the bike isn't loud and aggressive or I haven't left rooster trails behind me for as far as the eye can see.

Call me an old fart, or senile whatever.....but sooner or later it will hit home like it did with me.
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