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Was getting suspension done for another bike and the tuner mentioned he had three Elka's come in for the 800gs as he know I have one. He show me a picture he took. They were identical to mine without the ride height adjustment. Was told they came in the last couple of weeks. Still curious to see if yours does when it arrives. From a previous email I had with Elka, they told me that some shocks don't have enough stroke available to allow for ride height adjustment when I queried them about mine, as it was also stated in the catalogue. I had mine lengthened by about 4mm to give roughly an extra 15mm of travel(by my calcs). So if it can be lengthened a little I would imagine a RHA could be added Either way you won't be disappointed.
Interesting.... well we'll have to see when they get there. I am super stoked to try this thing out on the F/G650 project bike I am working on.... Turning a F650GS into a F650GS Dakar with YZ250GS forks on the front, Elka shock on the back and putting the fat pig on a diet at the same time.
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