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I wanted to share some pics from my nights in Belen with Kevin and his family.

This is really a special family, truly living out there on the frontier. As I mentioned before it’s a 200 mile trip each way on trucks and boats just to buy groceries. They live entirely off the grid. Kids are home schooled. House power comes from 2000w portable generator and battery pack. Water is from a well. Sewage is septic. No cars, only boats to get around. Their meat mostly comes from cans except for the odd chicken or when someone in town slaughters a cow. The one luxury they have is a cell tower, thank the narcos for that.

They deal with stuff I never think about at home. A few years ago a group of commandos broke into their house with guns blazing at 3:00 am to kidnap their 4yo daughter Brianna. Brianna escaped (but just barely) thanks to some calm, quick thinking on the part of her mom. A few days before I arrived some drunk guy was in their front yard firing off a handgun in the middle of the night. He also attacked Kevin’s neighbor with a machete giving him a nasty gash. You hear gunfire in the background throughout the day and night. It’s really the real-deal frontier.

Kevin and Laura let the kids run free. It’s so cool to see these little blond haired blue eyed kids running around town half-naked with the locals. The kids are incredibly well mannered and polite and so intellectually curious, with a million questions for me all day long. Just an all-around amazing family, and so kind to have me as a guest.

Laura helping Jonathon with his schoolwork in the kitchen


Brianna took me on a tour of belen on her little bike. I am not sure I could possibly imagine a more charming guide.

The town's school. Kevin's kids are home schooled, but they did say the kids have occasionally attended classes at the town school as well.

Kevin has a problem with horses and cows coming into his yard and pillaging their little garden so he shoots them off with a pellet gun. He makes some extra money doing metalwork for the locals. Here he was fixing a boat propeller for these two guys.

Brianna's parrot

This is what a typical house looks like in la moskitia. So when you suddenly see an itallian villa with 3 speedboats out front and armed guards on the dock, not hard to figure out what they do for a living.

Kevin's house is on the far left. The building in the middle with the cross on it is Kevin's father in law's mission, which is the reason the family came to town. Frank, kevin's father in law, has been a missionary there for like 20 yrs. in this pic the bike is still in the boat out front.

A 5 minute walk from their house on the ocean side of belen are endless unpopulated beaches with nice warm water. went for a swim with the family.

kevin's neighbors. just noticed that if you look closely at the pic you can see a bandage on the guy's left arm in the doorway from the machete cut.

My second night an unknown boat landed on the beach next to the house and was unloading. I found myself on shotgun duty as we went down with a spotlight to investigate. Kevin wanted them to see that he had guns. There was definitely a moment when I was like "wtf am I doing here???" And then as soon as we got back in the house: "dude, take a picture!!" hahaha :)

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