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in 1982, I rode a Honda 750A from Illinois to California and back. It has a 2-speed automatic transmission from a Honda Civic. Now I will admit that it seems strange to ride with an automatic, but when I was in rush hour traffic, it was nice to not have to shift. I was 26 at the time.

I still have the bike. And the automatic still seems weird. But I really liked it when in traffic. And fortunately for me, I have never been one to get excited about how fast I go or how many seconds it takes to go from 0-60. I'll leave that to others.

As for today's bikes. I like to shift. And even though my Avalanche has an automatic, I'm thinking that whatever I buy next will have a manual transmission. My wife went back to a manual in her new car.

But in May, we are going to look a the new Honda touring machine coming out with fairing, luggage, six-speed semi-automatic transmission for her. Oh, she turns 50 this year. Hmmm.
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