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Trinidad ca to Legget ca (standish hickey campground)

as I was leaving Trinidad ca I stepped out front of the lighthouse grill for a cigarette before mounting up.

there was a big ford truck with the alarm going off incessantly. the woman inside of it looked annoyed. HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK...........

another woman was loitering outside the cafe, feeding the that smooth tar soaked Virginia monkey. I gave her a look and we caught eyes. I offered a glib "that's not annoying or anything..." which was the right thing to say. her name is Sarah. she's there with her husband, Clint and their little toe-headed girl in pigtails. I had noticed the little one staring at me earlier, I think she liked my power ranger suit.

we talked about the route and where I was hoping to reach by the end of the day. her husband looked at me over his beer in a Kerr jar and said that I should go check out hwy 1 and big sur. oh and to swing by the Trinidad lighthouse before I left town.

I added Sarah to my Facebook (hello mrs. Vincent) she seemed interested in following my travels.

I shook her hand, said "nice to meet you" and was one my way.

I hit 101 south, hard.

with 4g data I had spotify feeding me dubstep. I kept it fairly under control, only hitting 115 mph once or twice >:)

this road is good, but cops... so many cops... argh...

before I knew it I was in eureka... nice town from what I saw. only put my feet on the ground a a few stoplights though.

just north of confusion hill I stopped for gas and to take a race-horse-esque piss... men's room was occupied, the ladies was unoccupied... I always giggle when I go in the door without my sign... but single occupancy!!! who cares?!

on my way out I noticed a middle-age couple next to my bike, hugging, whispering secrets to each other and making out while leaned against a newer Lexus SUV. their 3rd wheel was a dude named Elmer. he had confederate flag tattoos and gripped at the air as he talked like he was on some powerful drug. I asked him if he had any recommendations for camp spots... he offered me his RV which he said he "stashed" just after confusion hill. it had Illinois plates, was in some parking lot "I couldn't miss it" and "no one would bother me there"...

as nice as that was... there was no fucking way I was staying where this methed-out trio would know where I was. I thanked him for the offer, said "nice to meet you" and was off for my own camp spot in the woods.

I reached the hwy 1 connection and started down it... this is where the "drive through" redwood tree is. I stopped for gas at the last service station for 28 miles... with my gas indicator flashing I figured it was prudent.

my energy indicator was in the red as well so I thought it best to ask the guy there where a good camp spot would be. jim directed me back up the road to standish hickey. there was a little market where I could get a meal, and with the 1 pickup a few miles away I could start the twisties fresh in the morning.

I shook Jim's hand, said "nice to meet you" and was on my way.

standish hickey is nothing special... right on the highway, nothing very interesting around the campsites that are open (there's a lower campground that seems close to water, but it's not accessible).

with rain forecasted ( and currently sprinkling) I had a go at making a proper waterproof shelter. the SV is wrapped up too. one nice little rainproof (and hopefully critter resistant) shelter.

with my shelter put together I hoofed it across the street to the peg house market. picked up a bundle of firewood, and a fairly balanced meal of deviled eggs, an orange, a superfood smoothie, and 2 tallboys of bud light with lime. the shop keeper, Gary was on his smart phone when i walked in... leisurely reading and eating a brownie. theres no cell service here, so i asked if they had wifi. they did, he gave me the password so tomorrow i can come back and post this update before setting off. btw, it's "anexanex".

i told him a bit about my trip. he wanted to know how I left work and if I got in a good last "fuck you" on my way out the door. I told him that I left without a word, except a long email my former (dyslexic) boss could enjoy reading. Gary laughed.

I shook his hand, said "nice to meet you" and walked back across the 101 to camp.

got the fire going properly and set to work rewarming the second half of that grilled cheese from earlier. delicious... simply delicious.

it's been a quiet night. only one other camper here and as I cruised past he didn't look up... I take this to mean he's maybe a little anti social, so I didn't bother with the steps that lead to "nice to meet you".
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