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there are lots of opinions out there, but the best analyses i've seen recently (a scarce few are quite comprehensive) reveal that the environmental "cost" of electric versus gas vehicles is very similar. it only makes sense to me that it is. in the end, you're moving a similar amount of weight a similar distance. that holds true for manufacture and operation.

of course i have a 10kw solar system, so for me cose of operation is a no-brainer.

this thread is worth reading (and following some great links) for more useful info:

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I do not have a problem with China made goods, I am on my way to Chinese factories right now, I work for a company that does business with them , that brings money to American families here as well. I only brought up the questions because I personally can buy the suspension ($200&$140), wheels($250), brakes($125), controls($45), seat($20), plastics($15), speedometer ($25) .
I was trying to wrap my head around the other cost in the rest of it. $5000 $6000 would be a good deal $14,000 that is the question .
I am not bagging on the bike as it is, Nice ride report and looks to be well written and fun.

You do realize that more pollution is made producing electric vehicles , during the life and disposal than gas.
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